Thursday, January 31, 2013

Freelance Notes: Just a Little Push

I have met numerous women and men who expose their dreams to me. There are 3 people that are currently making it happen. I am very proud of their journeys. I’m so elated that I was able to inspire them to pursue their dreams.

This life isn't for everybody. Along with the dream, comes hard work, persistence and dedication. I have found myself through this journey.

Sometimes people just need a little push: a pep talk, venting session, the hard truth, a dose of reality, validation and encouragement. That little nudge often leads to big results.

Keep pushing!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Business + Personal: Working with Friends

In business we work with people that we have mutual interests with. Sometimes friendships are developed during this process. Heck, it can be inevitable at times. Your creative colleagues are sometimes the only folks who you could watch a documentary on Helvetica (yes, the font). We can be nerds with these folks and they really get it or add it to it. You may even have a friend that was your 1st client and continues to support you through your process. Support i.e. embarking on business ventures together and hiring you for personal projects.

Just because we’re friends, you don’t have a pass to be late for a job. Or to forget about an appointment. Or to jeopardize your clients for the sake of a project with your friend. Or to assume that I will work with you on a project when I said “maybe”.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Freelance Notes: Look the Part, Play the Part


What is your best yet easiest method of promotion: YOU

look the part, play the part

Whenever I’m in the public eye, I am on. I never know who I will meet. No, I do not wear a full face everyday. I keep it simple with tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, bronzer. I keep my skin healthy, nails manicured and hair groomed. If I’m tired, I’ll throw on a pair of $5.80 shades from Forever21.

I wear what I like but I never try to hard. Its so apparent. I just go with my feelings. I am aware of trends; yet, I am not a slave to fashion.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Freelance Notes: You Can't Shovel Someone Else's Snow Until You Shovel Your Own

I was involved in an accident on the light rail during early spring. I suffered from whiplash and a  few sprains. I started seeing Doc for physical therapy 3 times a week. Doc is a springy, energetic, guy in his early 50’s. One day I asked him if he was a hippie back in Woodstock.

I loved visiting his office.His optimism always invigorated my day. The atmosphere was inviting and I felt like I was in a Cheers episode. Whenever I called the office, they always answered the phone “Hey Ms. Moore”. They have caller id but it still felt so personal.

Unlike other therapy offices, I actually saw Doc everyday.  It was amazing watching someone follow their passion and build a career from it. His patients definitely feel the love (I did!)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Freelance Notes: Am I Good Enough?

Am I good enough?

This is a question that often accompanies fear and self doubt. Once you believe you are deserving of goodness, there are no boundaries to what you heart can desire. Open up, tear down those walls and dream. 

Trust me, don't let others opinions determine your worth.

We are online hundreds of hours a week. Getting exposed to other artists, entrepreneurs, etc. don't get caught up in comparing your work to their. Followers, likes, retweets DONT mean anything if the work is not GOOD. Life is not a Venn diagram. No comparing & contrasting. Celebrate what makes you different and leverage it.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Freelance Notes: Take Responsibility

"If you're sitting around waiting on somebody to save you, to fix you, to even help you, you are wasting your time because only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward. The sooner you get that, the sooner your life gets into gear." -Oprah Super Soul Sunday 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Freelance Notes: My Hierarchy of Communication

Business should not be conducted through Facebook messages. Facebook is too friendly. Send me an email. If you have my number, text or call me on the phone .Now a days, everyone has their phones at all times; which, is linked to their email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

My Hierarchy of Communication

Face to face
Phone Calls
Text messages
Video Chat

How many times has someone responded to your email days or weeks later stating it went into their spam folder? bull$*%! Follow up! I know you saw me post on know you saw me (lol)!

I'm DFD...gotta get back to work!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Freelance Notes: Clean House

You really can't reach your true potential until you clean out your closet

If your finances are jacked, how can you handle contracts, invoices, and big checks  

If your self esteem is low, how can you give beauty to your clients

If your house is untidy, how can your kit be sanitary

Give your true unfiltered self to your passion

Once you have pure and clear intentions, goodness will come to you.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Freelance Notes: Condense that Kit

I've revamped my kit too many times to count. I remember the frustration as a younger artist pulling so many items of my kit, that I became overwhelmed. Things have a way of working out of your life because that kit was stolen. Long story short, my car was broken into and my kit was in the trunk (wah, wah, wah)

In makeup school, I never learned the importance of having palettes in my kit. Palettes are less expensive, makes your kit lighter, more organized and easy to clean. My second kit was full of nothing but palettes.

It’ll make your life 10 times easier..guaranteed!

  • Depot all eye shadows, blushes, pressed powders, bronzers into palettes (if they are from MAC, you can recycle the plastic housing through the BAck to MAC program)
  • Z Palette just created a deep-dish palette (sounds like a pizza) that can fit your baked powders (MAC Mineralize)
  • Take all your lipsticks and depot them into a weekly pill box
  • Liquid Foundation bottles...tricky one....get mini travel bottles from Muji and label
  • Creme Foundations depot into a palette
  • Ziploc bags are your best friends. They can hold lip pencils, eyeliners, cream shadows, false lashes, etc.
  • In case of extreme emergency, Makeup For Ever Flash Palette can serve as a dupe for all the above makeup items: custom foundation, creme shadow, lipstick, blush, highlight, contour
  • Purchase products that can be used multi-taskers i.e cake liners, MAC cream color base, Makeup For Ever Uplight, NARS Illuminators, Urban Decay liners

Follow the hashtag #CondenseThat Kit on Instagram for ideas on condensing your kit

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Freelance Notes: Less Money, Mo Problems

There aren't many people who choose to freelance and start out making a gazillion dollars. For some people it can be months, years or decades. I worked full time at a stressful job making really good money. So when I decided to make the plunge to freelance full time, I wasn't ready for the sacrifices that came with it. I THOUGHT I saved enough money and cleared my credit; but, I wasn't prepared for the mental anguish that accompanied my new lifestyle.

This is the happiest that I have ever been; but, the brokest (money wise). I have almost surpassed my former corporate America salary. I am a happy artist, just working to have my bank account reflect my current state of mind.

While freelancing you never know when you’ll receive your next pay. After you invoice a corporate client, it may take 30-45 days to see a check. 

Getting your finances in order before freelancing is a must. In addition to housing, food and other necessities, you have to restock your kit with products and pay for a website.

You have to keep yourself well-put together. Neat, clean, professional. Cultivate your relationships wisely. You may have to barter services until you get on your feet, but; don't forget those that help you along the way.

You will have to make some sacrifices to live this life. Starting with minimizing your monthly living expenses. As freelancers, we are not able to gauge how much money we will earn each month. Our salary can fluctuate quite a bit. You should pare down your living expenses to avoid shelling out too much money each month. Create a tight budget and stick to it. Yes, I know, it can be hard when you wanna take classes and purchase new products. Those are items that we set goals and plan for.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Freelance Notes: Building & Cultivating Your Network

Since I started doing makeup, I’ve built a new network of friends. They are so different from my normal circle of friends. They are my beauty sisters and brothers. Some of them are makeup artists, hair stylists, barbers, manicurists and clothing designers. We are all creatives. We often share the same clients. We can talk for hours on end about the latest makeup, beauty shows and clothes.

I have had the opportunity to work with many people in my network, either as their client or as teammates. We know each other on several different levels. I respect my beauty family. We keep in touch through the interwebs. We might hang out at trade shows or bump into each other shopping.

If my schedule is booked, I have a list of several makeup artists that I can refer clients to. I feel good knowing that I just helped someone in my network gain more business. I never keep tabs on who I refer to. I know that I get good business from my network. In order to receive, you must give.

Your network is essential for your success. There have been several times when I've been referred to awesome jobs because someone in my network was booked. They could decline the job; but, they thought about me. Everyone wins. Winning duh!

We are not BFF’s but respect each other’s talent and business. It’s always nice to vent to someone who understands your trouble because they just dealt with the same thing. My “regular” friends can’t always relate to my stories.

I enjoy talking to my network because I always learn something new. A new class, product, technique or show. I’m always looking for new stuff; but; I’m only one person. I don't know it all.

I don't consider none of these people my competition because we are all different. We might have the same profession; but; our talents are unique. There is more than enough work for everyone. Share. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Surround yourself with people who share your enthusiasm for learning and achieving  success. Those are your comrades. Keep your team tight. Stay in touch with people. Call, email, text, tweet or Facebook them. You never know. They may need you. Just be your genuine self. Give, give, give!