Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lash Dip :: Eyelashes for Days

So yesterday I was reading my twitter feed (follow me on twitter @jamayamoore self-promotion plug )*hee hee* but I saw something called Lash Dip on someones timeline. They were mentioning training for the product in a few cities (NY, Vegas, Chicago). I'm a training/certification junkie and once my Google wheels start churning, I won't stop until I get some answers.

After a few minutes of snooping, I discovered that Lash Dip is a phenomenal new lash product which works as a semi-permanent mascara which enhances lashes and stays on for up to 6 weeks. Say who, say what...yep you heard me right 42 DAYS! It is a coating which en-capsules your lashes with a durable, deep black solution. According to the website, the formula is formaldehyde and aniline free.

I find it interesting that Lash Dip can be used in conjunction with eyelash extensions; which, is an awesome up-sell for any lash stylist. If you are a die hard lash fanatic,  I think Lash Dip may be for you.

Cost: $200-300

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bare Face Series: Simple Skin Care

Ok, so I'm kinda obsessed with clear skin. Lately, I've been leaving out the house bare faced and I'm loving it! I just added a few items to my skin care routine and they're already making a difference.

During my client consultations and appointments, I always inquire about their skin care routine. I've been flabbergasted by the number of people who wash their face with soap or just plain water (which is rinsing not cleaning). To counter that, I'm impressed by the number of clients who visit the dermatologist on a regular basis.

I believe that we are becoming increasingly aware of our skin; but, many of us lead such busy lives that it often falls by the wayside. Also, many people have not been properly educated on how to care for their skin.

Today will start my weekly skin care series, focusing on simple products/techniques that will help your skin flourish. Most products can be found at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Whole Foods or your local farmer's market. Don't worry they're budget friendly and trust me, your skin will thank you afterwards.